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Need to Detox After the Holidays? Call in the Kombucha!

New Years Eve is this weekend and we get it -- it's been a long week of indulgent eating. If you're planning on jump-starting your eating habits in January, there's one drink you need to add to your diet: kombucha.

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drink and consuming it is known to bring a variety of benefits. Full of the good bacteria which helps colonize your gut, its probiotic properties are thought to increase detoxification and digestive health. The drink is also rich in glucaric acid which has been linked to fighting cancer. It also aids in weight loss and promotes energy.

Those with arthritic pain also will benefit from the fizzy drink as it helps relieve joint pain. Kombucha also strengthens the immune system, which everyone needs right now as the temperature outside is well below freezing.

While the slightly vinegar-y taste can be hard to adjust to in the beginning, the variety of flavors that kombucha comes in means that everyone can find one they enjoy. Come try our kombucha on tap and see which you like best and experience the holy-grail drink for yourself!

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