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Your Guide to a Thanksgiving Day Full of Wellness

It's almost here! The most wonderful day of food and family is this week: Thanksgiving. But it's true-- sometimes you don't always feel your best after a day of stuffing your face and drinking wine and autumnal cocktails. So consider this your official guide to a Thanksgiving Day full of wellness that won't make you feel horrible the next day.

Start out your day with a shot of ACV (apple cider vingegar) diluted in water to help kick start your digestion and give you some energy. Consider taking some time to do a quick yoga flow, either at a studio that's open for the holiday or on your own. Breathe deeply and consider the spirit of Thanksgiving by giving thanks for all of your fortunes. Nothing prepares you for a full day of eating like a few chaturangas, right?

Afterward, take some time to be hygge and relax. Light a candle, grab a blanket, read a book-- the morning is your oyster! Sometimes you need to unwind and practice some self care and a national holiday about gratitude is the perfect time to do it.

Time to start cooking already? Your whole meal doesn't have to be heavy! Consider making this incredibly yummy Sun-dried Tomato and Butternut Squash Bisque which is perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike. It has superfoods and vitamin rich foods and is the perfect addition to your feast.

When you sit down to eat, it can be easy to maniacally begin shoveling food into your mouth. Try to take some time to really enjoy your food by mindfully eating and enjoying conversation. A recent article from Well+Good found that “when people eat fast, they tend not to feel full and are more likely to overeat. Eating fast causes bigger glucose fluctuation, which can lead to insulin resistance.” Eating slowly ensures that you are eating what you really want to eat which may help you eat less (which means room for dessert later). It also will help fight off the after-dinner coma that so many of us experience.

After the festivities have come to a close, instead of kicking back with an extra glass of wine, brew yourself a cup of ginger or dandelion root tea which helps with digestion and take some time to relax with family.

So there you have it! The ultimate guide for a Thanksgiving full of wellness! This holiday is about recharging and taking note of the things you are grateful for. We hope your day is full of fun and family and self-care!

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