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Ingredient Spotlight: Bewitched by Beets!

Harvest season is here and the fall veggies are thriving. From pumpkins, to squash, to brussel sprouts and more, the Zest kitchen is ripe with all things fall and we are so excited for one root in particular: beets. This earthy veggie is begging to be in your diet this autumn and with so many health benefits, there's no reason to say no! So what are just some of the ways beets can improve your health?

●Beet fiber helps to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides by increasing the level of HDL (“good”) cholesterol

● Helps prevent skin, lung and colon cancer

● Contains vitamin C, which can even help prevent asthma symptoms

Housemade Sweet Potato Crust topped with Housemade Beet Hummus, Organic Tomatoes & Basil

Real photo of me indulging in a detox juice after allowing my diet to go haywire on vacation

Beets have also been shown to increase stamina, give your brain a boost, and they help to detox your liver! We have beets on the menu on our sweet potato crust with beet hummus or reap the effects from our detox juice which also features the root!

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