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Why Cooking Is About So Much More Than Food

When people think about cooking, their mind immediately goes to food. We have to eat in order to live and function on a daily basis. It’s almost as if food and cooking has become a habit, more than an experience in today’s society.

For some people it’s more than that. There is so much beauty in cooking and food than just doing it to do it. Here are some of the amazing ways cooking is more than just a routine that revolves around food.

STRESS RELIEF Cooking, especially baking, is often a therapeutic way for someone to unwind from a busy day or lift his or her mood. There is a certain feeling that comes with cooking a meal or recipe that you love and know you will enjoy that just makes you happier. It gets your mind off of that work project that’s stressing you out, a deadline you might not be able to meet, or anything that’s got you worried! Cooking will give your mind a break and you’ll feel better than ever when you get back to work!

CREATIVE OUTLET One of the best parts of cooking is creating a meal that you want. You can combine your favorite flavors, try new things and share them with your loved ones! Sure, there will definitely be times when it doesn’t turn out right, but that just means there is another opportunity to try again... and again if you have to! Cooking and making recipes of your own have endless possibilities!

MEMORIES WITH LOVED ONES Did you notice that all major holidays involve a meal with your family? That’s because the food and cooking brings everyone together in one place at the same time! It doesn’t happen often, especially for those who live in different states or countries. But when it does happen, there is tons of laughter and catching up, and new memories are made!

FOOD IS MEDICINE In a world that’s bombarded with Western medicine, it might be surprising to know that food heals even the most severe illnesses! Food helps heal your gut, can help reset your hormones and even help prevent some of today’s most common ailments. Food is more powerful than we could even imagine and it can turn anyone’s health around with the guidance of nutrition professionals!

Cooking is so much more than the food! When changing your perspective and viewing cooking this way, food is no longer a part of your daily routine!

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