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Want to Live a Longer Life? Scientists Have Found the Workout to Help You Do It

It's so easy to get caught up in the new buzzy workout trend. With boutique fitness studios popping up on every corner, there are tons of options when it comes to getting your sweat on. But based on new research, it's possible that one workout in particular can increase your longevity by a huge margin. Whether your personal favorite is Pilates, barre, Crossfit, etc., it may be time to revisit an old favorite: running.

According to Well+Good, a study was recently published in Progress in Cardiovascular Disease which found that "running lowered the risk of premature death by a whopping 40 percent." On average, that adds up to an extra three years compared to non-runners. However, with this new information there's no need to go immediately sign up for a marathon (unless you want to of course, and in that case, kudos to you). In fact, the researchers found that as little as five minutes per day was linked to a longer lifespan.

While this is great news, it's undoubtedly true that not everyone loves to run. While I do lace up my sneakers a few times a week, I, like many others, have PTSD after running timed miles in high school. However, take this news to mean that even a short run can benefit you for year to come. Try not to worry about your time and instead think about how great you'll feel after a short run. Just think, if five minutes a day can add three years to your life, that's not a bad deal-- especially when you treat yourself to Zest after!

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