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Ingredient Spotlight: Raving about Ginger Root

As the weather gets colder and Christmas lights begin to leave the garage and line the trees, a true rock star ingredient emerges along with them-- ginger. 'Tis the season of gingerbread! Ginger is an incredible root with tons of amazing health benefits and we eat it all the time-- not just when its mixed with molasses and formed into the shape of men.

With so many holiday parties popping up, its easy to let your diet get a little crazy. With all the extra carbs and sugar, your body is bound to be full of inflammation, but ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds that are some of the most powerful that can be found in food alone. It's also been used for centuries to help curb digestion issues and diarrhea.

Ginger is also great for promoting sweating, so a quick ginger shot before hot yoga will help you get your sweat on. This not only helps clean out your pores and eliminate toxins, but research has also shown that sweat includes a germ-fighting compound called dermcidin.

So what's the best way to consume ginger? While gingerbread is delicious, it's usually chock full of added sugar. Eat your gingerbread in moderation while adding ginger root into smoothies and juices. We also love ginger tea and our detox juice which is sure to get you back on track and eating healthy. Taking it in shot form is also great, but it can be tough in the beginning. However, with so many benefits we think its worth it!

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